Taxidermy Bases

Wall Mount Base # 1: Fits Cougar Forms # 800, # 900 and # 905:


Wall Mount Base (Support Side): For Cougar Form # 800:


Steel Support Bracket for Base:


(A template for the support bracket will be supplied free of charge with this base for those that prefer to weld it themselves.)

wall mount base

The current price for the above cougar mount is $5755.00.

wall mount base (unfinished)
wall mount bracket)

Wouldn't you rather be mounting something than building bases?

Over the years, we've heard from other taxidermists that base work is too time consuming! Most find mounting wildlife instead far more rewarding. So we set out to design a product that would save taxidermists time and make them more money from their projects. Since floor bases are all too common, we thought that a wall hung base would fit the bill.

We've kept the base as simple as possible, allowing the taxidermist to customize it for many types of projects.

The Summit wall-mount base will accommodate the majority of life size North American big game such as goat, sheep, black bear, wolf and cougar.

The only limit to creating a truly unique base is the taxidermist's own imagination. Because our base is over 90% foam it can be easily altered for shape or size with just a sawzall and a rasp. Any type of ground cover can be applied and adding rocks and driftwood is as simple as digging a hole in the base at the desired location and foaming them in. (Recently, one of our clients simply carved rocks into the the face of the base.)

As you can see by some of the examples illustrated here (see photos), there are an unlimited variety of ways to create your own unique base, no matter what your project calls for.

And the best part is, you'll be able to produce a completely finished base for your project in as little as 7 hours, which for us, saves well over a day's labour, over even the most rudimentary life-size base. This results in higher profits for the user, since the time saved can be spent on more rewarding and profitable work.

"Thanks for the comments! I got the base and form from (Summit) out of Alberta. The base is unique in that it is supported from underneath so that the whole rock sits out from the wall! It's mostly foam so you can carve it up and change the appearance easily."
Craig Stolle:

The Summit modular wall mount base provides real savings in time and costs. It allows taxidermists to focus their skills, time and energy on the taxidermy component of the project.

black bear with salmon on wall mount base

Click on this photo for a printable, 8" X 10" reference photo (PDF format).

The current price for the above bear mount is $8365.00.

This piece demonstrates the versatility of our manufactured base. This Queen Charlotte Islands Black Bear is mounted on Knapton Studios #170 Black Bear mannikin, with the right rear leg altered slightly to fit the base.

The ground cover and plants used in this project show that any type of habitat can be created, from coastal rainforest to desert and everything else in-between.

This project also demonstrates another benefit of using this base. Bears mounted on floor bases, are usually viewed from above. With a wall-mount base however, this bear can be displayed and viewed, at a height that creates a unique and interesting perspective, looking up into the bear's face.

The Summit wall-mount base is also a good choice for species such as sheep and goats which are often displayed in this manner.

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