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Enlarging a Life Size Form | Using the Summit Cougar Forms 900 and 905. | Using the Summit Front-Half Bear Form #111.

Badger Project

Due to the loss of elasticity in a tanned hide, an extreme bend in the body such as this, requires a number of relief cuts to accommodate the extra hide.

badger project

Front Half Bear Form # 111

photo of front half black bear project finihed

The photo below of the prepared Bear #111 mannikin shows the relief cuts that are necessary for the hide to fit easily.

photo of front half bear form preparation tips

A: The relief cuts in the front of the legs should be 3/4 of an inch wide and about 1 1/2 inch deep.

B: The armpit cuts need to be 2 1/2 to 3 inches deep and 1 inch wide.

C: Shows the toes being cut individually to accommodate the hide. Another method is to cut the last joint of the toes off of the form and use clay in the toes instead.

Cougar Forms 900 and 905

Just like humans, cougars come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. The critical measurements are eye to nose, neck circumference, chest circumference and finally nose to base of tail. At Summit we've recognized that the chest measurement is more important than the belly. There is far less variation in the chest measurement on similar sized animals than there is in the belly measurements (not unlike humans!). We leave it to the Taxidermist to tailor the belly on their mount to the particular specimen that they are working with. If necessary this can be achieved by adding clay or building up the form with a free rise pour of foam which can then be carved to shape.

photo of relief cuts, cougar form from behind

For both our 900 and 905 Cougar forms a deep recess cut is needed behind and around into the armpit of the front left leg. We recommend a cut approximately 1 inch and 5 inches or more deep above the elbow. The depth then tapers as you get to the front of the armpit (see photos).This allows space for the excess hide that belongs in the armpit (use your own body for comparison) that results from the turn in the body and position of this leg. Behind this, one or two smaller relief cuts can be made to help create wrinkles. A small amount of clay to soften these edges should be added then some latex caulking can be used to fill in the voids and aid in softening the look of the wrinkles further. Note: The latex should be applied to this area as the hide is sewn shut.

photo front of cougar form relief cuts

The right front leg on the 900 will require a similar recess to above the elbow and into the armpit. If in doubt, use your own body for reference. On our Cougar 905 this is already done for you since this leg is detached and the relief cut was done in the casting of the mold. An inch can easily be added or removed at the joint of the two sections of the form to make minor nose to base of tail measurements.

Further relief cuts on the inside turn of the neck are helpful in dealing with tucking the excess hide which occurs. After these cuts are made, clay may be added as required.

photo of relief cuts, cougar form neck

If your hide is tight around the chest this same shortening of the length will give added stretch in the circumference without having to shave down the form.

As with all of our products we are happy to assist with any questions you may have. Our mission is to make user friendly products and provide any technical support that you may need in their use.

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