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mule deer shoulder mount

Shoulder Mount Mule Deer

One of the most basic and also most common shoulder mounts is a deer mount.

These typically involve the least amount of hours to complete and the lowest material costs.

For these reasons they are normally the lowest priced of all shoulder mounts.

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Shoulder Mount Bighorn Sheep

The second category of shoulder mounts involves species with horns (Sheep, Antelope etc.).

Mounting these species properly involves removing the horns from the cores, removing all organic matter and reattaching them to the skull plate. This step involves extra work and is reflected in the price of the mount.

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bighorn shoulder mount
dwarf forest buffalo shoulder mount

Shoulder Mount Dwarf Forest Buffalo

The next category of shoulder mounts involves "exotic species" (African, Asian etc.). The input costs are higher (forms, tanning etc.), and the hides are more difficult to work with. In many instances repairs are also needed.

Another issue is the lack of variety in good forms which may require that the Taxidermist makes alterations to suit the project.

These factors result in substantially higher prices for these items over similarly sized North American species.

The current price for similar projects:

Pedestal Mount Eland

Pedestal shoulder mounts have gained popularity recently. Each one becomes a custom piece, the base supporting it requires furniture be built, along with incorporating some sort of habitat which requires design and assembly.

The variety and availability of suitable forms is limited. In many cases a Taxidermist is required to build one from a wall hung form, as well as needing to incorporate a support and to finish the exposed back of the form.

These factors combined, result in the price of pedestal mounts being 3 to 4 times that of a standard wall hung shoulder mount.

While pedestal mounts won't be the choice for every piece, many people find this type of presentation to be well worth the added expense for their special items.

The current price for similar projects:

eland shoulder mount

Our ability to accept any new work at this time is limited. However, if we are unable to take on your project, we would be pleased to be of service by offering advice or technical assistance to you and the Taxidermist of your choice in achieving your goals.

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